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Newsletter for October 2022

Hello Patriots!!

First let's stop and acknowledge our friend, fellow patriot and longtime gatekeeper of our Republican Party of Sierra County meetings, Janyce Smyth, who died unexpectedly on Friday, September 30th.

Let us also remember Tom Stroup, husband of our board Secretary Julie Stroup who died September 13th.

We are in the home stretch of the mid-term election and we need to pull out all the stops to get our candidates over the finish line. First we have our Sierra County Fair booth. Candidates and voters should come by the booth where we will have signs, door hangers, palm cards and information to hand out. Bring it or take it!!! ***We will have drawing tickets available for an AR15 and Hand gun for $5 each at the fair.***

Next we have our General Meeting, 5:30pm, Monday, October 17th, Turtleback Taphouse & Grill in Elephant Butte where Jim Paxon, Chair of the Sierra County Commission and Phil Mortensen, Mayor of Elephant Butte will speak.

In the meantime, GOTV and SIDEKICK are available for walking and calling to get out the vote. Call me if you need more info on this.Please talk to your neighbors, friends, everyone to get to the polls to VOTE!!!!! We have got to TAKE BACK OUR STATE AND OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

Thanks again to Chester & Barbara Anderson for providing our Headquarters at Third & Date Streets. We will be moving our inventory shortly after the election. If anyone out there has an idea about a location, please let me know.

We will have an election watch party on November 8th. We will get the word out soon!! LET'S WIN!!!!!!

Johanna Tighe, Chair
Republican Party of Sierra County