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Welcome to the Sierra County Republican Party
Volunteers are needed for 2-3 hours at your County Quadrennial Convention to be held this Saturday, April 6th at the Sierra Del Rio Restaurant and Golf Course. There are many ways to get involved with your Republican Party and this is one. Call Johanna Tighe at 505-328-4825 to sign up Complimentary coffee and pastries
Your Republican Party Conventions and fun and exciting. You can network with other Republicans, meet your State and Federal Representatives as well as Candidates. There is never a dull moment!
Self-nominate now to be a delegate or alternate to the RPNM Statewide Quadrennial Convention in ABQ on April 27th.

There is still time for you to self-nominate to be a Delegate or Alternate to the RPNM State Quadrennial Convention in Albuquerque on April 27, 2024.

The Deadline to submit a Self-Nomination Form is in 3 days: Wednesday, April 3rd, 5pm.

For Questions Call Julie at 575-497-0352

RPSC Quadrennial Convention

Didn't we just have a Convention?

Yes, our last convention was to elect the Sierra County Delegation to select US House and Senate Candidates for the 2024 Primary Election ballot

Why another Convention?

The Quadrennial convention is held every four years for the sole purpose of electing Sierra County Republicans to represent us at the State Quadrennial convention.

What does the State Quadrennial Convention do?

The Purpose of the State Quadrennial is to elect a group of New Mexico Republicans to represent us at the RNC National Convention to nominate a presidential candidate.